Wyoming Week of Agricultural Advocacy

January 24-30, 2016

As FFA members and agriculturalists, the 2014-2015 state FFA officers were frustrated with a lack of knowledge in society about agriculture and food products.  An idea was hatched to start a campaign dedicated to advocating for agriculture that FFA members from across Wyoming organize and run.  And so the Wyoming Agriculture Advocacy Week was born.

The 2nd annual AGvocacy week will be held January 24-30, 2016.  The week will focus on encouraging FFA members to help bridge the knowledge gap between production agriculture and consumers as well as feeding a growing population.  Using the hashtag #AgisTheAnswer  members will engage their local communities in discussion about where their food comes from and how agriculture contributes to Wyoming’s economy and culture.  We want our members to grow up to be Agvocates and be a representative for industry that binds us all together.

The State Officers envision a week where everyone interested in or benefiting from food and fiber production is talking about agriculture.  We hope you can help us with this effort by participating in our social media campaign.  Here’s what we are hoping partners such as yourself will do sometime the week of January 24-30:

Speak Out on Social Media!  
Post on Facebook, Tweet with Twitter or use the social media tool of your choice to share your support of Wyoming agriculture.  Please use #AgisTheAnswer in all of your social media efforts so that everyone can see we are indeed, a united voice for agriculture.  Your post could be a fact about agriculture, the reasons you support ag or just a photo with the social media poster with your organization’s name written on it. 

Visit the Wyoming FFA’s Facebook page during Wyoming AGvocacy Week to share your story about why #AgisTheAnswer.  


Write or Direct!  
Participate in the Wyoming FFA’s Agricultural Advocacy Essay or Video competition.  Use your creativity on why #AgisTheAnswer and it might win you a cash prize, a chance to see your video or essay published and an all-access celebration with the 2015-2016 State FFA Officers at state convention!

Organize your Chapter!  
Write a letter to your local editor in support of Wyoming Agriculture Advocacy Week and in the importance of the agriculture industry in our state.  Or use one of our other ideas.  Or come up with one of your own.  There are so many great ways to Agvocate!

Spread the Word!  
Use one of our custom made graphics on your own Facebook page, website, blog or company newsletter.
    Logo to coming soon!                   

Agriculture is an important industry in our state, and an important way of life.  It contributes to our economy, our natural resources and our open spaces.  We hope you and your organization will consider supporting us in our efforts and celebrate the many things we all have in common!  Please contact State Advisor Stacy Broda at sbroda@yahoo.com with any questions of ideas.

Join us and together we can educate that #AgisTheAnswer!

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