Past Wyoming National Officers

Arthur Macy, Vice President, 1930-31, Albin/Pine Bluffs
Joe Black, President, 1936-37, John B. Kendrick
Jack Crews, Vice President, 1959-60, Cheyenne, Frontier
Leo Anderson, Vice President, 1975-76, Albin/Pine Bluffs
Jack Stewart, Vice President, 1981-82, Douglas
Greg Vetter, Vice President, 1994-95, Burns
Cody Wagner, Secretary, 1995-96, John B. Kendrick
Seth Heinert, Secretary, 2002-03, Hulett
Stacia Berry, Secretary, 2003-04, Cheyenne
Emily Horton, Secretary, 2004-05, Shoshoni

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Wyoming FFA Multimedia Recording and Usage Policy
The Wyoming FFA Association and Wyoming FFA Foundation staff and its designees may capture photos, video and other recordings of participants before, during and after all events at the Wyoming FFA Convention, Wyoming State Fair and FIRE/CPC Conferences.  Please be aware that all recorded media may be used by the Wyoming FFA Association and Wyoming FFA Foundation in future print materials, online materials (including the websites and facebook accounts) signage, slideshows, podcasts, videos and other uses in physical and digital forms.  Attendance of the Wyoming State FFA Convention, Wyoming State Fair and/or FIRE/CPC Conference implies your consent to be photographed, videotaped and otherwise recorded for these purposes.
The Wyoming FFA Association, Inc. is a resource and support organization that does not select, control or supervise local chapter member activities except as expressly provided for in the State FFA Constitution, bylaws, or policies.
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